A Picture of Millie


Hometown / Country: Norwich, UK
A Levels: Biology, English, Geography
Degree: Bsc Geography
Stage of Study: Third Year
Interests at Uni: Pilates, GeogSoc

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Why RAG Week will be your best week yet!

Is it just me who always feels a little deflated when January decides to rear its ugly head again? You’ve packed on the festive pounds, it’s miserable weather outside, and to top it all off, you’ve got exams to revise for. Enough whining – I’m here to tell you why RAG week is going to save the day!

Settling into life as a Business Postgrad

After switching from Geography to Business and feeling like a total ‘new kid at school’, I would say i’m now definitely settled into life as a Business Student. From one student to another, here are a few things i’ve learnt in my short but sweet weeks so far.

It’s OK to change direction…

Applying for university doesn’t mean you have to have your entire life-plan set in stone, Find out how Millie only decided after graduating what career path she wanted to pursue.

Help I’m a Third Culture Kid at Uni

Are you English? American? Scottish? I’ve heard it all. If I’m ever lucky enough to meet any of you lovely readers, you’ll probably be confused by the typical ‘Third Culture Kid’ accent I’ve acquired over the years – a predominantly English/American/Scottish/International mix. In fact, someone recently said to me “You know Millie, every time you talk it’s
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Why Masters: 5 Reasons I applied for Postg...

Graduation is just around the corner, and it’s hit that time of year where all my friends are essentially having nervous breakdowns concerning their future. Should I go into full time employment? Should I go travelling for a year? Should I do a Masters? These questions are at the centre of everyday conversations. Luckily for
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How to survive your Dissertation…

Think about it, your entire university degree leads up to your dissertation hand in – 10,000(ish) words standing in between you and your cheesy family Graduation photo… so I guess you could argue it’s pretty darn important. In exactly two weeks time, I will be in the school office (shaking like a leaf most likely)
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