A Picture of Jessie B

Jessie B

Hometown / Country: Bury, UK
A Levels: Psychology, Photography, English Literature/Language
Degree: Psychology
Stage of Study: Third Year
Interests at Uni: RAG/Charities Officer, Trampolining, Photography

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Why YOUR Vote Matters

There are many people discussing the upcoming general election, with a lot of opinions in my peers being ‘I don’t understand it so I’m not going to vote’. As soon as you are at an age where you are able to vote, you need to do so. Each party’s policy can positively or negatively affect
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The Big Wide World

I’m officially coming to the end of the final year of my university education, and therefore, my life in education. Help. All of my housemates have spent the past year applying for graduate jobs and travelling around the country to interviews and assessment centres, or applying for masters and further education. As a person who
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Why RAG should be on your to-do list

The only way I can appropriately describe final year of university is hectic, manic and all the synonyms in between. Not only do I have the pressures of deadlines to meet (including the looming dissertation) but I also have thrown myself into more extra-curricular activities than you can shake a stick at. I am the
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How not to get involved in your first year

Being a final year student I have had to sit through countless “how to succeed in real life”, “what to do when you’re not a student”, “how to make it in the real world” lectures and the take away messages from them all have been the same. You need to have more on your CV
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Being at university with an allergy/intole...

I may have said ‘allergy’ and ‘intolerance’ but my personal example is an auto-immune deficiency – but that makes for a far less catchy title. I have coeliac ‘disease’. That makes it sound contagious, it isn’t. It’s an auto-immune deficiency where the immune system reacts to gluten – a protein found in wheat, barley and
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Why Newcastle is the university for you

You are in the process of applying to university and, like the X Factor judges, need to reduce your choices to the top 5. Here are my reasons as to why Newcastle University should make the cut. The Beautiful Campus The university is beautiful. I know you don’t go to university for the views but
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