A Picture of Sam


Hometown / Country: Preston/UK
A Levels: History, Biology, Chemistry
Degree: History/MA in Media and Journalism
Stage of Study: Stage 4
Interests at Uni: Football, involved with the Jesmond Local publication and general socialising

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The Dene and all things green in Newcastle

Sam shares his favourite bits about summer in Newcastle

Why I chose a Master’s

Interested in doing an Master’s? Find out why Sam chose to do an MA in Journalism and what it’s like!

Open days and an open mind

Sam shares his experiences of choosing a uni and explains why you should go to an Open Day!

Living in Castle Leazes

What’s it like to living in Castle Leazes? Sam shares what he loved most about living in Castle Leazes.

Coping with your first exam period

It may not count towards your degree but the skills, practices and habits formed in first year set down a precedent for the rest of your degree. It’s important that you don’t simply dismiss exams in first year as annoying inconveniences that mean nothing to your degree.

House Hunting Advice

Every year seems to be the same. Come mid-November a mass panic seems to spread like wildfire throughout halls, from Castle Leazes to Stephenson Hall. Someone somewhere that your friend’s friend kind of knows has just signed for a house and is telling everyone that by January there will be no houses left. Don’t listen to them!

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