A Picture of Lucy


Hometown / Country: Stamford, UK
A Levels: English (Literature & Language), Biology, Textiles, Religious Education
Degree: English Literature and Language
Stage of Study: Third Year
Interests at Uni: Cafe & Bar Aficionado, English Society, Food

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8 Stages of The Dissertation

Denial, regret, panic…

Revision – How to Strike a Balance

We all dread this time of year, the time where your friends suddenly become perpetually unavailable, you feel guilty for your normal routine of binge watching Netflix on a Saturday afternoon and it feels as though you are having an existential crisis hourly. Yes everyone, exam season is upon us! With a view to saving
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How to get the most out of your English De...

The prospect of paying nine grand a year can be a tad daunting… or terrifying. It really makes you ask yourself; for the money I’m paying, what am I actually getting from my degree? Here is how to get the most out of it:  Turn up to Lectures I know there is going to be
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5 things to know about renting a student h...

1. Your housemates Don’t be shy about picking your housemates. If you have doubts or worries about any potential housemates you should raise them now rather than after you have signed the lease. It might be really uncomfortable to tell someone you don’t want to live with them, but its better to deal with it
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How to navigate the library

As exam and deadline season comes around, all students of the university begin to migrate to the work mecca of the Robinson Library. If you’re looking to join the hoards of students that will be migrating to the library for January, here are some things you ought to know. Get there early. The closer we
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How to Avoid Housemate Drama

They are your housemates, you love them dearly or at least have learnt to. Living with your friends is possibly one of the best things to experience at university; the freedom, the parties and the friendship. However nobody is perfect and the best way to find this out is through living with someone, the bottom
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