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Hometown / Country: Cambridge, UK
A Levels: Geography, Psychology, English Literature
Degree: Geography
Stage of Study: Second Year
Interests at Uni: The Courier, GeogSoc, Football

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Why You Shouldn’t Worry About Result...

If you’ve just finished your A-levels I urge you not to panic and here’s why.

5 Nights-In with Flatmates

Flatmates are a special species, a fantastic mix of all different backgrounds, races, religions and most importantly they possess a range of banter. Some of the best memories that you’ll take from your university experience will be thanks to that crazy bunch. So without further ado, here are 5 ways to spend a night-in with your flatmates…

The Joys of Intra Mural Sport

What is Intra Mural Sport? Intra Mural is sport organised, played and competed all within Newcastle University, between students, social groups, degree programmes, halls of residence etc. The sports on offer range from football (11 a side, 7 a side, 5 a side), Rugby Union, Rugby Sevens, Netball, Hockey, Basketball and Futsal. With over 3200
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Revision tips: Pulling an All-Nighter in t...

It’s that time of year when sweat begins to appear on the brows of students, not because the temperatures are rising but because the countdown to the exam season has begun. Newcastle University’s wide range of resources will be stretched to their limits, so how about staying up late, fight those yawns and smash out
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Doing Sports Journalism at Newcastle

Interested in sports? Or journalism? Or both? Then you are in the right place. Newcastle boasts an awarding winning array of media from The Courier student newspaper to the Newcastle Student Radio (NSR). So here is a quick and easy guide to what we get up to and how you can get involved. You don’t
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To be Self-Catered or Catered?

Amongst the many choices you face as your time at University approaches, is the age-old debate of whether to go into catered halls or be self-catered. So here is a quick overview of the pros and cons of each and what you can expect. Lie-ins vs. Fry-ups Are you an early morning person? No, didn’t
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