A Picture of Robina


Hometown / Country: UK
A Levels: Geography, Psychology, English Literature/Language
Degree: Human Geography
Stage of Study: Second Year
Interests at Uni: Pilates, Travel, Culture, Islamic Society

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What makes the Islamic Society special?

The Islamic Society is one of my favourite societies and here are just a few reasons why.

Why I love being a Geography Student

Despite all the stigma and jokes attached to Geographers which claim all we do is “sit around colouring all day” I wouldn’t change my degree for the world! Here are my favourite things about being a Human Geography undergrad. Few Contact Hours Yes so the jokes aren’t all made up. As a Geography student I
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A Guide to House Sharing in Second Year

From paying your own bills, hoovering and *wait for it* taking out your own bins *gasps*, moving into a new house in your second year is going to be a big change from your first year in halls. Everything has a cost. TV, wifi, water, gas you name it, you have to pay for it.
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How to revise for an essay based Exam

This is the tried and tested revision method I’ve been using since college to pass essay based exams. The 3 R’s of revision…   RECAP Missed a lecture or two? Maybe fell asleep halfway through? Recap is going to become your best friend over the Easter holidays in helping you fill up any gaps you
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Narrowing down your choices – Be fir...

Open days For me Open days were not helpful. The hustle and bustle makes the whole experience rushed, and although you may feel as though you’re getting a ‘feel’ of the City, you will never really know what the teaching is like till you attend. Everything looks shiny on an open day. I wouldn’t worry
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If life in Halls was an episode of Friends

The one where somebody’s parents visit All hands on deck! When you’re in this situation everybody is needed to help tidy up the kitchen and living area. Getting rid of pizza boxes, hoovering and doing the dishes. All are essential in tricking parents into thinking you are tidy students and never live like slobs. The
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