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Hometown / Country: Derby, UK
A Levels: English Language/Literature, Psychology, Art, Biology
Degree: Combined Honours: English Language & Sociology
Stage of Study: Second Year
Interests at Uni: Dance Society, Food Blog, Reading Blogs & Watching YouTubers, Beauty & Fashion, Eating Out

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How to Keep Fit at Uni

We all know that as soon as you get away from home cooked meals and the confines of your mum’s weekly food shop, there’s the temptation to over-indulge in the finer things in life. Whether you’re having ready meal after ready meal, or going totally the other way and simply barely eating at all, it’s
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Foolproof Guide to Essay Writing

It’s coming to that time of year where all you seem to be doing is writing essays – whether practising for your exams or writing essays for coursework, it’s pretty inevitable you’ll be fighting away that hand ache pretty soon. As a Combined Honours Sociology and English student, I thought I’d pass on my tried and
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Get on your dancing shoes! Newcastle Dance...

Are you the next budding Darcy Bussell? Or never danced in your life but fancy learning a couple of new moves to whip out come Saturday night?! Either way the Dance Society probably has a class for exactly what you had in mind! If I could give you one nugget of advice for your university
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Every Student’s New Years’ Res...

A new year has rolled around and it’s time to make some of those resolutions you just know you’ll never keep but kind of fancy giving a go anyway. Besides, thinking about how you’ll implement all these plans takes some time… time we otherwise would be wasting by revising… 1. Bye bye Dominoes! Every student
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Winter in Newcastle

As a life-long Midlander where everything is fairly ‘meh’, for me Newcastle is truly a wonderland in Winter. There just seems to be more to see, do and marvel at here. And because it’s freezing cold you can make the most of every winter fashion by layering up, putting on your cosiest bobble hat and clutching your
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How to Choose a House in 8 Easy Steps

The time for house hunting has rolled around once again and it can be a really stressful time. Bear these things in mind and you’ll have no trouble finding the ideal place! 1 Be fussy  Don’t just ‘settle’ with a house because it’s the easiest option/first one you’ve seen/your friend likes it/whatever other reason. You’ll
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