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Hometown / Country: Manchester, UK
A Levels: Business Studies, History, Philosophy
Degree: Philosophical Studies
Stage of Study: Second Year
Interests at Uni: Live music, poker, football

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Things you didn’t think you’d do a...

Here are 3 things I never thought I’d end up doing while studying at University.

Life of a Philosophy Student

Anyone thinking of taking something other than a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) subject with a more of an academic than vocational background will face this question plenty of times over their university life: “What are you going to do with that?”

The Best Music Spots in Newcastle

In honour of record store day  I thought I would do this piece on the musical ‘underground’ of Newcastle. Some of these places will be well known to people but others will perhaps be less notable. Of course there are plenty of other places that could have made this list but these are my personal
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Careers Service Top Tips

At Newcastle the Careers Service is there to make your life easier, and the team here really do excellent work. However it isn’t always easy for students to make the time to book an appointment. In this quick article I’ll convey their top tips so you can set yourself up for making the most of the service
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Sports at Newcastle

Freshers fair is the first opportunity that you have to get involved with all aspects of university life. You get accosted by every single stall, all grappling with one another to win your affection, your commitment and ultimately, your skills. Newcastle is competitive in terms of its sports, however there are plenty of different ways
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The Infamous Ricky Road

“Choosing where to live in first year is important”… well obviously! How many times have you heard that? Parents, friends, universities, teachers; they all seem to think they have the answers as to where you should live. Realistically however, it’s your choice and yours alone. This is a quick guide to the social hub that
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