A Picture of Caitlin R

Caitlin R

Hometown / Country: Glasgow
Scottish Higher: Art, Biology, Geography, English, French, Spanish,
Scottish Higher: Art, Geography
Degree: Japanese and Geography (Combined Honours)
Stage of Study: Stage 3 (Year Abroad)
Interests at Uni: School of Modern Languages Tandem Partner Scheme, Anglo-Japanese Society.

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Study Abroad in Japan

Here’s a day in a life of a study abroad student in Japan.

Why I Chose Newcastle

Here are Caitlin’s top five reasons why she chose Newcastle!

5 Best Parts of Having Flatmates

Caitlin shares 5 things she loves the most about sharing a house with friends.

Overcoming ‘Essay Block’

Here are Caitlin’s top tips on how to overcome writer’s block!

Revising Over Christmas

Having to revise over the Christmas holidays is undoubtedly one of the less pleasant parts of university life. After making it through the exhausting combination of December deadlines and end-of-term/Christmas celebrations, revision is probably the last thing on your mind, but it has to be done. Here are my top tips for coping with revision over the holiday period.

Tips for Settling in Abroad

So you’ve just arrived in your study abroad destination. How do you settle in to your new life? I’ve been on my year abroad in Japan for two months now, so here are my top tips for feeling at home in a new place!

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