A Picture of Bethany


Hometown / Country: Ipswich, UK
A Levels: English Literature, Maths, Chemistry, Product Design
Degree: Architecture
Stage of Study: Second Year
Interests at Uni: Secretary of Architectural Society, Swimming, Film and Photography, Reading

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500 Days of Newcastle Uni

This is what 500 days of Newcastle University looks like through the eyes of 2nd year architecture student Bethany

Architecture Modules

Table after table will show you that an architecture student’s life is a busy one. I spend an average of 60 hours in University per week, with only around 8 of those being official contact hours. This vital private study time means that the course has no optional modules, as we have to fit all our lectures in very specific parts of the week. But what does that mean, and how does it affect the course?

How I came to call Newcastle home

Before starting university I had never moved house. I had always called the same place home. So to move 300 miles away in one fell swoop was pretty scary. I was worried about so many little things (and some pretty big ones as well). Would I make friends? What if I got lost? Could I
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My Memories of an Awesome Architecture Soc...

Second term in the Architecture School is an intense one – there are more projects, more pieces of coursework and more exams, which means that we are all more than ready for a break! Each year the Architecture Society organises a trip abroad for its members so that we have the chance to adventure outside
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“I Don’t Drink” – ...

Newcastle is famous for its diverse nightlife, so when your idea of a perfect night is putting a film on with good food and good company, the city can seem more than a little bit daunting. I fall squarely into this category; I had never stepped inside a club when I got confirmation that I
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Accommodation – the one you REALLY d...

In the summer before starting university I was excited (and nervous) about going to uni. My main worry was whether I had done enough revision and worked hard enough to get the grades I wanted, so when my place was confirmed at Newcastle I was over the moon! The last thing I was worrying about
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