A Picture of Maddie


Hometown / Country: Lowestoft
A Levels: Media, Photography, Art & Design
Degree: Media. Communication and Culture
Stage of Study: Third Year
Interests at Uni: Volunteering with Schools

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Overview Of The Past Year

My final uni year has come around in a blink of an eye and this month I graduate. This seems crazy to me, and feels like only yesterday I was sitting in the back of my parents car with boxes stacked on top of me, driving 6 hours North ready to start my new adventure. Whilst
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Can You Afford Uni?

The cost of University can feel extremely off-putting if you’re thinking about further study. I remember being in Sixth Form and having no idea how I would afford it. I didn’t know the way loans were repaid, how they were repaid, or when they stop being repaid. I was completely clueless until I attended a
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Newcastle Uni: Why I Chose To Study Here

If you’re thinking of choosing to study here but you’re in need of a little more guidance, here are my top 5 things that influenced my decision to make Newcastle University my firm choice. League Table Rankings Apart from being one of 24 Russell Group universities, Newcastle University ranks 8th in the UK as one
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5 things to consider before uni

  It may seem like a lifetime away, but it is important to be prepared for uni in every way you can! Here is a list of 5 things to start thinking about as September starts to creep up on you. 1 . Accommodation Have you looked at all the accommodation choices that are available?
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From outside the UK dial +44 191 208 6000.