A Picture of Yashodhara


Hometown / Country: Goa, India
Degree: MA Media and PR
Stage of Study: Postgraduate
Interests at Uni: making friends, exploring the new town and nearby places

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And Here Comes Life…

People say life is like a series of steps till you reach the ‘ultimate goal’ but I have always considered to be something similar like C.S Lewis described Narnia as – Concentric Circles we shed each circle like a layer as we move on to the next part of Life.

A Day in the Life of a Media Student

Student lifestyles are pretty similar – we can relate to each other’s problems and each other’s time tables. Here is a peek into a day in my life as a postgraduate media student at Newcastle…

5 Things to do once in a while…

We are university students, and that means that there is so much work to do- assignments, exams and presentations. But we need a break once in a while. Usually most of us go out in the evenings with our friends, and perhaps experience Newcastle’s famous “nightlife“. But here are some other things that I like to
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Budget Travel Tips

When I came to the UK, I came with dreams of seeing as many places I could – I’m a traveller at heart after all. But as an international student, when we start converting the Pound to our own currency – it sends out *WARNING* signs in our heads. True ain’t it? So planning a budget
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Getting the Newcastle Work Experience

Starting out as a Masters student in a university abroad, isn’t without its pressure. Especially since I realised how most of my classmates had worked for a couple of years at least before, while all I had was internships. The importance of adding work experience  to my CV was something I could see, and something I
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My view of living in student halls

    So, coming to study in a foreign country wasn’t the only new experience for me. I had never lived on my own before! And yes, the independent girl inside me always wanted to be ‘on my own’. And I am liking it. But I am also living in student accommodation, in Newcastle. And
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