A Picture of Ghangaa


Hometown / Country: Singapore
Degree: Media, Communication & Cultural Studies
Stage of Study: First Year
Interests at Uni: Media Society

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Goodbye, Newcastle

After 3 years of hard work, sweat, tears, late nights, and countless moments of doubt, my time is finally here – I am about to be a graduate. The moment I have dreamt of has arrived and I couldn’t be any prouder of my achievements. But at the same time, suddenly everything becomes a blur
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Living on a budget

“Spend within your means!” – so much easier said than done. Especially with the added pressure of wanting to make the most out of our social lives at uni; constantly panicking about your dreadful bank balance becomes a common occurrence. But as uni students there are plenty of ways that we can make our pounds
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Getting involved outside uni

Being a student at Newcastle is about more than just selling your soul to The Robbo

International student’s tips for pic...

Having decided to leave home to pursue a degree in a foreign land was a huge decision to make. You have the abundance of world class institutions scattered across the globe to pick from – how do you decide where you want to spend the most prominent years of your life? If only it was as easy
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Embracing the holidays

While these might seem like trying times, the end is close and everyone’s favourite holiday is just around the corner as well. Here are some ways to embrace the goodness without feeling all bad:

How NOT to ruin your final year

Don’t let the stress of final year stop you from making memories to last a lifetime, says Ghangaa

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