A Picture of Hannah

Hannah T

Hometown / Country: Nottingham/UK
A Levels: Biology, Mathematics, ICT, English Language
Degree: Zoology
Stage of Study: Stage 1
Interests at Uni: Food society and Biosoc. Interested in playing guitar and drinking lots of tea!

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A day in the life of a Zoology Student!

Of all the places I could have picked, I truly think that Newcastle University was the best choice when I was deciding where to study. If you are interested in pursuing a Biology degree, that is either: Biology, Cell and Molecular Biology, Ecology and Conservation or Zoology; then Newcastle really is a great decision! So here is
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BioSoc Ball 2016

Hannah shares her Biosoc Summer Ball experience.

Newcastle’s best kept secrets

Looking for something a little bit different to try in the UK’s happiest city? Here are ten of Newcastle’s best kept secrets. Shh!

My Post-Application Visit Day Experience

Hannah shares her Biology School post-application visit day experience.

My Study Spaces

Here are Hannah’s favourite study spaces on campus

Surviving the long wait

So you’ve submitted your UCAS application. Perhaps you’ve even attended some interviews or you’re still waiting for that all important invitation. Either way I can assure you that this wait will probably be the longest wait that you will experience in your entire life (or at least your life so far!) So here are my top three ways to pass the time while waiting for UCAS to reply to your application.

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From outside the UK dial +44 191 208 6000.