A Picture of Josh


Hometown / Country: Swindon
A Levels: Economics, Business, Sport
Degree: Marketing and Management
Stage of Study: Second Year
Interests at Uni: Member of University Rugby Team, Coffee Lover

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Things I didn’t expect to do at Uni

When I first arrived at Uni I thought my course would be about concentrating on lectures and reading text books. However during my first year I realised that it wasn’t soley focused on academic materials but that the importance of understanding the real world application for the theory was a very important element.   1
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Eating on a Budget

When you talk to your family about arriving and experiencing university – one of the first topics that arise is the food situation. ‘What are you going to cook for yourself now your mum isn’t there?’ You may laugh it off now but soon soon it will become a reality and making sure there is variety
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Why choose Newcastle Uni Business School

Newcastle University Business School (NUBS) is a £50-million development overlooking the iconic St. James’ Football Stadium, with views over Newcastle city centre. The NUBS building is solely dedicated to the Business School, holding a host of facilities such as: 4 large lecture theatres 27 seminar/teaching rooms Meeting rooms Multi-purpose spaces Printing rooms 120 PC’s across the building
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Best places in the city for caffeine

When studying at University, you will quickly discover the need for coffee – whether that’s for waking up to get to make it to a 9am lecture or to stay awake to hit a deadline. When you arrive in Newcastle you’ll soon find that there are numerous different places to enjoy a coffee for whatever reason. This blog shows you some
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