A Picture of Salma


Hometown / Country: Edinburgh
A Levels: English , Modern History. Government and Politics
Degree: Law
Stage of Study: Second Year
Interests at Uni: Creative writing society, RAG crew member

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My Experience with Clearing

I know exactly how it feels when it comes to Results Day. Having submitted your UCAS application and completed all your exams, knowing there is nothing else you can do is a little bit terrifying. I clearly remember this time two years ago when I was waiting with bated breath for my A Level results. 7:00am
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Top 4 Study Spaces in Robinson Library

Now that it’s the peak revision period at uni, I’m pretty sure the entire student population of Newcastle has found its way to one of the libraries. The biggest of them is the Philip Robinson and as an insider, I’m here to give you four of the best places to go if you want to
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Did you know the Newcastle University has 4 libraries? The Philip Robinson (which is the really big one), the Marjorie Robinson (the newest), the Walton Robinson (the one in the Medical School) and the Law Library which is in…the Law School. Library Bags. We do love 'em. #librarybag #newcastleuniversitylibrary #newcastleuni #newcastleuniversity #newcastleupontyne A post shared
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5 Reasons to shop in Grainger Market

When I was coming to University for the first time, I wasn’t sure what there was in Newcastle and I didn’t really know where I could buy groceries without having to sell my kidney on the black market. Turns out that Grainger Market, located in the city centre, has some really cheap produce, delicious food and
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