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Settling into life as a Business Postgrad

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Hooray it’s finally that time of year – the leaves are orange, the ‘Man on the Moon’ graced our tellies and made me weep,  Starbucks have released their Christmas cups, and I can’t feel my fingers and toes pretty much 24/7! I can’t believe this first term is almost over, but the appearance of the Fenwicks Christmas windows, not to mention the Christmas market, is practically screaming that our favourite holiday is just around the corner and, with it, a time for reflection!

After switching from Geography to Business and feeling like a total ‘new kid at school’, I would say i’m now definitely settled into life as a Business Student. From one student to another, here are a few things i’ve learnt in my short but sweet weeks so far:

1) Telling people I’m doing a Masters makes me feel old and wise. I have a love/hate relationship with this.

2) Group work will be the bane of your existence. There’s no doubt about it: most students hate group projects. Sure essays are tedious, but you can bash them out easily enough. Studying for exams sucks, but it’s got to be done. But when you look at a module booklet and your eyes skim over the dreaded group project that’s worth 50% of your grade, all you can do is shrink into your chair and hope that a black hole will swallow you up. I suppose it’s time to be optimistic and hope for the best right?

3) The Business school is an extra 15 minutes walk away and I’ve learnt this the hard way. I now also realise I never gave business school students enough sympathy for this during my undergraduate years. *I apologise for all the times I told you to stop complaining friends*

4) If you went to the Business School and didn’t buy a Starbucks coffee – did you even go?

5) Public Speaking never, ever, gets easier. No Mr Lecturer I don’t want to present infront of the entire Lecture but I suppose I don’t have a choice…

6) It is always quicker to take the stairs! Playing a game of ‘how many students can you fit in one lift’ is definitely… cosy.

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