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Best Bits of First Year

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So, first year has officially come to an end.  My exams are over, my room in Windsor Terrace has been left empty and all of my flatmates have returned home for summer. It is the strangest experience to realise that such a highly anticipated year is over.

I will never again be a fresher at Newcastle University carrying all my items in an over-sized suitcase to live with complete strangers. I will (hopefully) never again wonder around the campus lost as I did many a time in my first few weeks here and I will never again have the same experience of meeting so many different people all at once in one week.

First year has been one of the best years of my life which has left me with a collection of amazing memories, so it only feels right to commemorate all of them with a blog post to remember the best bits of first year!

Freshers Week

My first week of University was amazing, from nights out to doing incredible activities during the day. My personal favourite memory was from one of the day time activities and when I went zorb footballing which was something I never would have done had I not been in the spirit of freshers.

If any of you reading this blog are potential freshers this September, you have a great week to look forward to and I’m jealous that I can’t go back and re-live it all again as a first year.


When you first arrive at University, a fear for many people is the idea of living with new people that you don’t really know. However, this fear has become for me one of the main reasons that I will remember first year forever.

There is something comforting and just generally lovely about living with people your own age who are going through similar experiences to you.

True, you may face some challenges along the way such as the smell of charcoal becoming a permanent feature of your kitchen due to the amount of burnt food that the kitchen has witnessed, but these challenges will hopefully mean you learn something and these mistakes will not be made in second year.


Newcastle University has so many societies to offer, there is genuinely something for everyone. You don’t have to be into sport to find a society which will welcome you.

I found this experience of societies so refreshing and so different from what sixth form and secondary school offered me.

Societies also offer opportunities for travel. One of my favourite memories of this year was the Combined Honours trip to Budapest. I’m looking forward to trying to get more involved with more societies in second year.

Opportunity to do what you love

Life at University at times can be incredibly busy, but equally there are times when University is less busy. As a humanities student my contact time is not particularly overwhelming, so for the first time in a long time-first year has given me some free time.

This free time has sometimes been spent wastefully watching an excessive amount of All 4, BBC iPlayer and Netflix,  but sometimes this free time has given me the opportunity to do things I am interested in and remind me how much I enjoy certain hobbies.

One of these hobbies for me is writing and first year has definitely been central in re-igniting my interest through societies and through these blogs. I can’t wait to continue to learn more about my interests throughout my university education.


Societies often host a formal ball at some point during the year.  For me, these events make up some of the best bits of my first year. There is something enchanting about seeing everyone in your year dress up and look even more beautiful than usual in order to have an incredibly good time.

I hope you have enjoyed some of my best bits for first year!


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