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Best Reading Spots on Campus

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Trying to finish reading the chapter before your seminar tomorrow and your flatmates aren’t letting you crack on?How about escaping your friends and taking your readings to campus?

The uni campus offers you a variety of nice spots, indoors and outdoors,  where you can surround yourself with your textbooks, 30-page long academic papers in size 10 font, and, why not, if you’re lucky, a book that has nothing to do with your course (throwback to when you were younger and would have the time to read for pleasure).

Outdoor Seating and Sculpture

One of the most under-rated places is at the Language Resource Centre in the Old Library Building. Unless you are languages student, you might not even be aware of it! Fear not, for as long as you register your Smartcard at the front desk, you have access to what is, in my opinion, the quaintest library the uni has to offer. The booths are accompanied by French windows allowing you to cheekily people-watch while taking in the smell of antiquated books.

View from a table in the LRCviewLRC2Window in LRC









The Students’ Union may be thought of as a hub that’s not really related to academia but don’t let that stop you from paying it a visit to get your readings done! After you feel like you’ve accomplished enough for the day Luther’s is handy for a celebratory drink.

Luther's Corner Seating                           Clear Computer Workspace            img_0313                           Luther's Outdoor Seating                                                                             img_0306

Across from the Students’ Union lies the Central computer cluster, known for its bright red sofas and busy atmosphere during weekday lunchtimes. However, during its downtime’s it’s the best place to simultaneously eat and read.

Sofa and Stools in Central                                       View from Central                                                            Central Sofa and Booth

Now for the more traditional reading spots, the most used libraries: Robinson Library (AKA the Robbo) or the newer Marjorie Robinson Library Rooms (AKA the Marj). They both allow you to catch up on what you have to read, and you can even use a collaborative study space where you can try to decipher a passage with your course mates.

Collaborative Table Space in Marjorie Robinson Library Rooms                                        Marjorie Robinson Library Rooms Living Room                                                                     Marjorie Robinson Single-User Booth

Golden Hour View from Robinson LibraryTable in Robinson Library with a view of the Law SchoolComputer with Window View in Robinson Library

No matter the type of reading you have to get through for your course, there are plenty of spaces you can do so right on campus – without having to spend money just for the privilege of a comfy seat and some desk space.

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