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Biomedical sciences – The Starting Point

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After finishing your A-levels in Bioscience you might be thinking about your future. As it has many paths it can be difficult to choose which way to go. Biomedical Sciences at Newcastle University is currently ranked within the top 50 universities in the world! So if you are thinking of studying at Newcastle University, you’re on the right track!

Phase 1

Phase 1 of your Biomedical sciences degree includes first year and the first half of your second year. Phase 1 gives you a taste of all the subject areas in biomolecular sciences. This is really helpful for someone who is not sure which subject area they would like to specialise in.

First year of your degree does not count towards your final degree mark so you can take it easy (but not too much) and enjoy your time at uni. BioSci society organises day trips and nights out which are great to socialise with your fellow Biomeds.

Phase 2

Phase 2 includes the rest of your degree. At the end of your first year you get to choose what subject area you would like to specialise in, based on what you learnt throughout the year. This is what you’re going to study in Phase 2. So what you learn in this phase is specific to the individual degree you choose.

Things get interesting with the research project you have to do in the final year. It gives you a pretty good insight into the real life research world.

Practical approach

Starting from first year the degree includes compulsory practical modules. These practical sessions are really helpful to gain basic laboratory skills. They can come in handy for your research project too.

Facilities in Uni

Newcastle University has many teaching and research laboratories which you will be using throughout your three years here. This is where most of your time will be spent during the practical modules and research project.

At the Robinson library and Walton library, you will find all your essential reading material and study spaces. Walton library is in the same building as the Medical school and can only be accessed by Biomed and Med students.

Biomedical sciences gives you a broad knowledge of biomolecular sciences while giving you the option to choose which way you want to go. For an unsure mind bio-medical sciences would be the ideal starting point.

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