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Best places in the city for caffeine

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When studying at University, you will quickly discover the need for coffee – whether that’s for waking up to get to make it to a 9am lecture or to stay awake to hit a deadline.

When you arrive in Newcastle you’ll soon find that there are numerous different places to enjoy a coffee for whatever reason. This blog shows you some of my personal favourites for a quick caffeine fix in Newcastle.

  1. Central Bean

    Central Bean

    Central Bean.

Location: Times Central, Gallowgate, Newcastle, NE1 4SN

Rating: 3.5/5

Why I like Central Bean:  I like Central Bean  because it is cheap with a high quality coffee. This is excellent for us strapped-for-cash students and you’ll realise this once you arrive. Central Bean is located on your way to the Business School, which is very useful for the days you wake up late or have a break from lectures.

  1. Navaho

    Navaho Coffee.

    Navaho Coffee.

Location: 36 Acorn Rd, Jesmond, Newcastle, NE2 2DJ

Rating: 4.5/5

Why I like Navaho: Navaho is located in Jesmond, which could be considered the student village of Newcastle. (You’ll find this out in second year). This café is smaller than most with about 20 seats with a wooden interior and matching décor. Navaho sells a range of coffees, smoothies, teas as well as a selection of food and snacks at a fairly reasonable price. Navaho is ideal for a coffee catch up with friends or it’s the perfect place to recover after a big night out in town. The staff are very friendly and I think it provides great value for money.

  1. Kuppa Coffee



Kuppa Coffee

Kuppa Coffee.

Location: Basement, 11 St Mary’s Place, Newcastle, NE1 7PG

Rating: 4/5

Why I like Kuppa Coffee: This coffee store is unique and discretely hidden in a basement on the busy street of St Mary’s Place. This coffee shop beholds a very causal, student vibe, with simple décor and deep cushioned chairs for total comfort. The knowledge the employees have on the different tea tastes, textures as well as the coffee blends and roasts are exceptional. I would highly recommend the egg and bacon bagel as the bacon is thatched and weaved together until perfectly crispy. Kuppa Coffee also run an exchange where customers can bring and take books to read whilst enjoying their coffee.


  1. Ouseburn Coffee Company.

    OCC Coffee.

    OCC Coffee.

Location: 91 St George’s Terrace, Jesmond, Newcastle, NE2 2DN

Rating: 4/5

Why I like OCC: Ouseburn Coffee Company (OCC) is located in Jesmond. OCC has a very simple wooden layout, holding a hipster vibe. Often students drop into OCC for a quick coffee or set up for a days work as they offer free WIFI. Employees at OCC are extremely friendly and are quick to attend to your needs, with brilliant knowledge of all their products. The coffee is of a high standard and cheap, with the food being slightly more expensive but still holds a very chilled vibe.

  1. Quilliam Brother’s

    Quilliam Brother's Coffee.

    Quilliam Brother’s Coffee.

Location: 1 Eldon Place, Claremont Building, Newcastle, NE1 7RD

Rating: 3/5

Why I like Quilliam Brother’s: The décor of Quilliam’s (as it’s more often called by us students) has a unique eastern European feel, offering a great alternative to the pub for friends to hang. Downstairs in the basement there is an old style cinema where you can sit back and enjoy a movie. The range of tea and coffee available store is vast, attending to everyone’s palate. Quilliam Brother’s is on campus so it’s really convenient, however the pricing for students can be seen as steep.

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