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At Newcastle the Careers Service is there to make your life easier, and the team here really do excellent work. However it isn’t always easy for students to make the time to book an appointment. In this quick article I’ll convey their top tips so you can set yourself up for making the most of the service when you come to Newcastle.


Doing unpaid work shows a side to you that regular part time work may not, especially if it’s linked to your future career path. It shows that you are determined and committed to getting out there and just doing it! Even if it is just a local Oxfam or Cancer Research, it can give you a different outlet to set up your skills.

Get Involved:

You may be tired of hearing it, particularly if you’re just about to come to uni, but there really is no other way that you can showcase your skills to future employers better, than diving headfirst into all the wonderful opportunities available to you.  That opportunity could be anything from playing sports or writing for The Courier to even setting up your own society or project. When trying to apply for future jobs, filling out application forms detailing “group work in a degree” as an example of working in a team will not stand you apart from someone who also has a degree and  has plenty of extra-curricular talents!

Graduate Connections:

The ace up the sleeve of Newcastle University and your potential saving grace: Graduate Connections. This is a database of Newcastle graduates who lend their expertise and email addresses to current students in an attempt to help mentor, guide and even provide work experience for those who are struggling to get into their desired field. You can choose your graduate by job type so you can narrow down those who will be useful to you. This is an excellent way to get accurate information on your chosen job climate with insider information to help you succeed.


One of the main ways in this digital day and age that employers meet employees is through LinkedIn. This acts as a virtual CV that is open to anyone, anywhere. Here you can showcase your talents and skills that you have built up through your University career. It also gives you the opportunity to reach out to other people and this is a critical concept on LinkedIn. You now have the opportunity to seek part time work, experience, or even just opportunities to shadow people in the field you’re interested in.


So this may not be something that the Careers Service can give you, but it is definitely something that you should have. If you really want to succeed then the above four tips will get you started, but having desire will keep you going. Enjoying your career path is obviously the best motivator so it is important that you figure out what you might like to do before leaving University. The only way to figure this out is through getting involved, and a way to get involved is to ask graduates for help!

If you liked these five tips and want to learn more, take a look at the Newcastle University Careers Service

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