7 Signs You’ve Found The Perfect Uni

Think you’ve found the perfect uni for you? Here are 7 signs you’ve fallen for Newcastle 1. The attraction is undeniable – it’s one good looking University in all seasons 2. It knows how  important a good work life balance is 3. It’s just so pretty 4. It’s full of surprises 5. It knows the true way to
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What happens after UCAS deadline day

So you’ve chosen your perfect course, completed your UCAS application, and pressed the big red button marked APPLY.
Great work! But you can’t put your feet up just yet. There’s still lots to do after deadline day…

10 things your fees get you at Newcastle

Some of the top 10 things that your fee’s get you at Newcastle

What makes Newcastle Uni so great?

Newcastle University is a great place to study and live. Here are just some of the reasons why!

You know Newcastle is the one for you when

Here are signs you know Newcastle is the one for you when…

What does your Newcastle Uni offer get you...

Your Newcastle Uni offer gets you more than just a degree – here are 10 other things your offer gets you, in no particular order!

Do Prospectuses Have All The Info?

The prospectus is a great way to find out about a university, but here are some other ways to get a taste of student life.

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