Who Wants To Be A Student Finance Guru?

Take this short quiz to find out if you’re actually clueless, a finance geek or a finance guru when it comes to student finance!

How To Save Money At University

2nd year Marketing and Management student Becky gives her tips on how to save money while studying at University.

Ways to budget your student loan

There are many ways to make your student loan go further in Newcastle. These handy tips will give you a head start!

Do students have no money?

When you think of the student stereotype, you’re probably seeing beans on toast, a hazy head and a severe backlog of washing up to do. A serious lack of funds might also probably spring to mind! Student life is often considered synonymous with scrimping, but this week’s mythbuster looks deeper into the reality of the
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Is £ help only available to some?

This myth may seem true on the surface, but the fact is there is financial help available for most people looking to go to university. Aside from a student loan, which any UK or EU student  taking their first undergraduate degree can get, the government also offer living cost loans to help with accommodation and things like
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Do you pay fees up front?

An easy one to bust! If you’re a student from the UK or EU, you do not have to pay your full course fees up front. There are a few ways you can cover the cost of your tuition fees, but most people use a Student Loan. These are available to anyone who will be
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