Top 6 Revision Playlists

Exam season is here and to help you stay motivated, we’ve pulled together a mix of revision playlists to get you through those long sessions at the library

Pre-Uni Holiday Quiz

Find out what kind of holiday should you go on before heading to University.

Are School Days The Best Of Your Life?

You’ve probably heard it a million times: School days are the best days of your life. The summers are long and you don’t have to worry about paying the rent. But if you think you’ve got it good now, wait until you go to uni… As soon as Freshers’ Week starts you’ll be meeting people
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Top 5 ways to Celebrate After Exams

School is almost over and so are exams. The stress of revision will soon be a fading memory. It’s nearly time for a well-earned break! But how are you going to fill your spare time over the summer? Spending all day in your pyjamas watching Netflix might sound like heaven, but there are only so
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Pros and Cons of Using All Your Exam Time

You might have been here before… your head’s down and you’re scrambling for time, but suddenly out of the corner of your eye someone stands up, hands in their papers and leaves the exam hall. How do they do it?! Are they a genius or just plain stupid? To help work out if an early
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Top 5 Exam Fails

From cheekiness to pure stupidity, we’ve put together our favourite exam fails… 1. (Source) 2. (Source) 3. (Source) 4.  (Source) 5.  (Source)  

Top 5 Things To Do In-Between Exams

It can seem never-ending, exam after exam, stress on top of stress. But what can you be doing in between exams to make the most of your time? STOP OVER ANALYSING        Your exam is over and you can’t do anything about it now – so what’s the point in over-thinking the paper and beating yourself
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