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Why Choose Geography at Newcastle?

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If you’re considering studying Geography at degree level, then Newcastle is an amazing choice!
Especially if you are undecided between Human or Physical Geography because you don’t have to decide your speciality straight away…
The department is well-known for module diversity ranging from political to conversational. The flexibility allows you to take dual modules from different types of Geography Bachelor’s (Arts/Sciences) at any Stage. This is very beneficial as it gives you a more complete geographical perspective.

Are you Curious about Places?

Field-Trips at home and abroad: Loads of interesting places on your doorstep when you study at Newcastle.

Varying from palm tree plantations in Borneo to plate tectonics in the Nevada Desert; field trips in the School of Geography at Newcastle University are undoubtedly the most exciting.

First year takes you back to the late Victorian and Edwardian era at the open-air Beamish Museum in County Durham. Riding the longest preserved tramway is a definite tick off your North East bucket list! You also have the amazing week-long opportunity to go and study the ecosystem of the Lake District with professionals.

img_2154-1   Beamish Tram, County Durham

The best thing about this course is definitely the field trip module in the second semester during Year 2. You select 3 field trip choices and get allocated to one. Don’t worry though, you’re pretty likely to get your first choice. All field trip choices are also VERY decent, if you don’t believe me, see for yourself!

Studying Plate Tectonics and Alluvial Fan deposits in the American Southwest:

img_8674   Hoover Dam, Arizona/Nevada Border

What student can complain about staying at a Hilton hotel in Borneo? Or having a stop-over in Vegas before researching the Mojave Desert/Hoover Dam and learning first-hand about the formation of the Grand Canyon? Too exciting!

img_9314   Grand Canyon South Rim, Arizona, USAimg_9169Mojave Desert, Nevada, USA

img_9316 Valley of Gower’s Gulch, Inyo County California, USA

img_9216Lowest point in North America, California, USA

Taking knowledge from lecture rooms and putting it in a real-life context is imperative for a geography student.

Fancy the Opportunity to Study Abroad? 

Semester exchange at one of the top 20 universities in the world for Geography? Yes please! Mcgill in Canada, Hong Kong University, National University of Singapore…to name but a few.

hkuHong Kong University Wall

Newcastle offers the incredible opportunity to have the best and most academically fulfilling four months of your student life. As a Geographer, experiencing new customs and outlooks increases not only the value of your knowledge, but gives you a higher valid perspective of how the world works and first-hand experience of the effects of globalisation! This is what you study, after all.  img_2539
Chinese Temple, Lamma Island, Hong Kong

img_3059Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery, Sha Tin Hong Kong

Studying abroad immerses you into new cultures which teaches you to have an analytical view of different societies.

CKS Memorial Hall, Taipei, Taiwan

By studying abroad you will not only be limited to seeing the wonders of Newcastle and your chosen country abroad, but also have the opportunity to visit neighbouring countries there! This means you are able to witness numerous ways of life (and importantly… food!).

img_8218Chi Lin Nunnery, Diamond HillHong Kong

img_3327Popular Dim Sum Hong Kong food speciality

Experiencing new weather systems in different hemispheres or different laws and regulations, teaches you in a more personal way than reading about them as they affect your day-to-day plans. This is very rewarding.

img_1996Sai Wan East Country Park ,Hong Kong, Asia

More Adventures!?

Recognised by the Royal Geographical Society, the Newcastle University Expeditions Committee will guide you through everything ranging from funding to field logistics and lab work. This means the department gives you non-stop advice and support, so you will always feel supported! Popular expeditions include glacier research in Svalbard and landslides in Nepal. Aren’t these amazing research opportunities for dissertations?

img_7639-2Dragon’s Back Hike, Shek O, Hong Kong Island.

Geography at Newcastle University definitely gives you various opportunities for first-hand learning about the world outside artificial settings.


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