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Why choose Newcastle Uni Business School

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Newcastle University Business School (NUBS) is a £50-million development overlooking the iconic St. James’ Football Stadium, with views over Newcastle city centre. The NUBS building is solely dedicated to the Business School, holding a host of facilities such as:

    • 4 large lecture theatres
    • 27 seminar/teaching rooms
    • Meeting rooms
    • Multi-purpose spaces
    • Printing rooms
    • 120 PC’s across the building
    • Reception with a chilled out seating area
    • Cafe serving all things nice from fresh coffee to toasties


The NUBS building can be used as a great alternative to studying in the main libraries on campus. There are silent study areas for catching up on reading, and don’t forget the social hub located on level 5 which boasts fantastic views of the city.

But don’t just think about the facilities of the University – you should also consider the academic perks and benefits you can get from studying here. This is an area that NUBS excels in, with the perks being too attractive to pass up.

Perks of Studying at NUBS

The perks of studying at NUBS include:

  • World Class Lecturers
  • Red brick university in the Russell group
  • Lots of personal development opportunities
  • Excellent facilities right at your finger tips
  • Lots of opportunities to engage with businesses

Opportunities to engage with businesses are something that prospective students never think of when looking at universities. However I can’t stress enough how much big of a role they can play for you. The opportunity to meet industry employers and employees to broaden your insight is an invaluable experience. All of my lecturers have industry experience and I find this fantastic, as they can provide real life examples and case studies.

This is one example of networking available to students

I know when you’re looking at universities it’s easy to focus on leagues tables and statistics, which is important to a certain extent. But you should also factor in whether or not you will benefit from that university. I can safely say that I have developed massively in terms of knowledge and in my business professionalism.

This is why I think you should choose NUBS: for the invaluable experience of personal development, excellent lecturers, modern facilities and the chance to regularly meet industry employers and employees, building your real world insights and experiences of business environments.

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