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How To Choose Your Perfect University

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It can be hard to know where to start when picking your five choices for UCAS. But here’s a (hopefully) helpful guide into where to begin!

My five choices were Newcastle, Northumbria, Sheffield Hallam, Leeds Trinity and Lancaster. When I received my offers, I picked Newcastle University as my firm choice and Northumbria as my insurance.

Module Choice

When choosing the perfect uni, one of the most important factors is ‘does this university offer you the modules you are most interested in?’. As good as the university may be, if it doesn’t offer you modules which you are interested in, you’re not likely to commit yourself fully to the course, and this is vital at uni!! The best way is to check online – all universities show you course information by each semester.

Also, make sure that the type of assessments are ones that you prefer. Some people may find coursework much more difficult than exams, and vice versa, so this is also important to check.

University Rankings

In connection with this, the university league tables offer you a ranking of the ‘best’ universities for each course in the UK. This will also give you an indication of job prospects and the facilities which are available at the universities. Obviously, not everybody is an Oxbridge candidate, but it’s good to see which universities have the best reputation when considering your predicted grades.

The Location

Lastly, I think another factor to consider is what reputation the city has overall. Newcastle, especially, is well known to be a safe city in which have student areas which cater perfectly to social and educational life. Research the areas in which students live in after first year halls and see which looks like the most appealing to you.

Get a Taste

You need to consider the bigger picture when picking which university to attend, go to open days to gain even more insight into the course and surrounding area! But, most importantly, pick the university in which you feel like you could thrive and really enjoy attending!

For more information on choosing the right university for your read our Top 5 Ways to Get a Taste of Student Life.

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