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English Language degree: which modules?

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One of the perks of doing an English Language degree is the choice you’re given every year over what modules you do.

First Year

As with other degrees, in first year there is less choice because you have to complete the core modules which provide you with an understanding of what is covered in all of the optional modules over the rest of the degree.

However, you can do one outside module each semester. This could be inside the English school – in literature, creative writing or drama – or outside of the school in ANY school you want throughout the university (so long as they allow it and the lectures don’t clash!).

Second Year

In second year, you are less restricted by your English modules and can choose to begin to specialise in areas which interest you or which you think you will excel at. Alongside this, you can still choose to do outside modules. You can continue with those you took in first year, or you can gain crucial work experience in the career development modules offered by the university’s Careers Service. But if you want to just focus on English modules, that is fine too! You have much more freedom and only a couple of core modules which you have to complete for the degree.

Third Year

Finally, third year comes with the most choice of all. No module is completely compulsory (other than the choice of an extended study or dissertation). The modules are much more in depth and specialised, meaning that you can wholly focus on only the areas of the degree which interests you. Once again, you can do outside modules in third year if you wish, but the choice of English modules is much wider so you may find you would rather stick to one subject, especially alongside the stress of a dissertation or extended study!

So, the possibilities within an English Language degree at Newcastle really are endless!



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