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Choosing your uni

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Choosing which uni to go to is a really stressful time for students. Here are a few tips which will hopefully help you make sense of all your options:

1. Listen to your gut

This advice has probably been used in yoghurt adverts, but I think it can be applied to your uni choice as well. Listen to your intuition and pay attention to the feels. You may just have a really good feeling about one university over another.

2. Make sure your decision is *your* decision

There are loads of sources of advice out there (including this one…) and I certainly suggest getting outside advice before making your decision. But don’t make a decision that your heart was never really in based on what you think someone has told you to do.

3. Don’t necessarily be afraid of taking risks

This would definitely vary from course to course and uni to uni, but don’t necessarily be afraid that you’re not going to get the grades to get into your uni of choice.

a) You probably will do, you clever little thing


b) even if you don’t, you may still get a place at your first choice anyway.

4. Pros and cons can help

If you’re a list-making kind of person, maybe making a list of pros and cons of each uni may help you see which unis are really the best when on paper. Maybe also include a list of compromises to see which disadvantages are really that … well … disadvantaging.

5. Make sure you really like your second choice as well.

This is especially true if your first choice is one of the more competitive unis like Oxford or Cambridge. Make sure you have a really high chance of getting in and that you really like the uni.

But most of all, don’t panic! Wherever you go to uni, you’ll have a great time!

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