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Why I chose Newcastle

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The majority of you reading this article will most likely be prospective students, currently in the midst of AS and A-Levels, trying to decide what to do after leaving college or sixth form. Those of you thinking about university, and I presume since you’re reading this now that is you, will be trying to decide where to go if you get the grades. There are so many things to think about when picking a university that it can be very overwhelming so I’ve decided to share my own personal experiences as to why I chose Newcastle.

Style of University

One of the main choices when picking a university seems to be do you want to be in a city, or do you want to be on a campus? An example of a campus university would be one that is located just outside of a city centre like Nottingham. The opposite of this would be somewhere like Manchester where the buildings are spread out around the city. With a complete campus right in the heart of the city centre, Newcastle is both.


The city itself despite being very northern, has excellent transport links to the rest of the country. I myself am from Manchester, so I felt it was a nice distance between living independently and still being able to go home. This is true for most of the major cities. I have flatmates from London, Harrogate, Cambridge and Northampton, none of them have any trouble going home and feel they are a comfortable distance away.


Being a Russell Group university, Newcastle already has a fantastic reputation, but if you needed any more convincing, just looking in league tables will confirm this. However it is important to note that nearly every university will be able to find a ranking that indicates it is a top institution. A uni may boast the best students’ union in the country despite the fact it might be very basic in terms of its overall experience. What is important is that it is always ranked highly, in all major categories.

Social Life

I could hardly write about the draws of Newcastle and miss out the social life, could I? Obviously students are here to study, but social life is an integral part of life at university. Newcastle has a multitude of clubs and bars, but something often overlooked is the friendliness of the city, the campus and the halls of residence. Newcastle is a sociable city and this naturally draws sociable students, who enjoy meeting new people and getting involved. Of course most institutions will say this, but it only takes one open day at Newcastle to prove it.

Don’t believe me? Then put it to the test and take a visit.

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