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And Here Comes Life…

People say life is like a series of steps till you reach the ‘ultimate goal’ but I have always considered to be something similar like C.S Lewis described Narnia as – Concentric Circles we shed each circle like a layer as we move on to the next part of Life. Now this sentence I wrote without any intention of sounding philosophical, but if I did (even a teeny bit) well good. 😛

I wrote it with the intention of trying make you visualise how I feel and perhaps many others like me feel, when it comes to Graduation.

It’s not the same when we leave school or high school or even college…Graduating University just makes me feel…experienced…and let’s say grown up.


And when you are like me not planning to be a student again it is a very emotional thought. But what follows that emotion are some different thoughts…Mixed emotions rather – here are a few examples of what will be going through my head…

  • As soon as we get the degree we are proud and have a huge smile on our faces but soon it’s gonna be “OMG I need a Job?! Where? What? When???”

  • But graduating from University also means that we feel a bit more confident…we have a few internships on the CV… our course was most probably specialised in a field you want to work in. Some of us even have portfolios to show off…


  • After that Graduation day photos become old on facebook and instagram – within a few months the same or similar photos will appear on your timelines with -> #Throwback


  • When you get a job and start really busy schedules you may even miss those long nights in the Library… (most of you *wink* )


  • And when we start renting out apartments and paying bills and doing chores… we will remember that student halls taught you a lot of those things already…and somehow hopefully being the independent working youth wouldn’t be scary!


So I am hopeful and I think Newcastle University did teach me a lot of lessons…curriculum – extra curriculum and even ‘life lessons’…

How were your experiences??? What do you think it’s going to be like??? Leave a Comment! 😀

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