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Christmas in Student Halls – A Guide

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Although Christmas dinner at Ricky Road may not be number one on your average Christmas to do list, being in student halls during the holiday season doesn’t necessarily have to be a tragic alternative to December at home. There are a few things you can do to get the full festive experience whilst living in a student flat.

Christmas Dinner

First and foremost, Christmas dinner is an absolute must. With some planning and a small ASDA delivery, you can create a table top that looks like it was cut from an Iceland advert. Well, almost.


Iceland advert or Ricky Road? You decide.

To make your Christmas dinner a success I would highly recommend doing it with at least one person whose culinary skills are more advanced than preparing toast and Super Noodles. While this may be a challenging quest in student accommodation, it’ll be worth it to have homemade gravy to rival your Mum’s.

Due to the small cooking spaces in most student kitchens I would also recommend enlisting the help of surrounding flats – invite your neighbours to dinner and unashamedly use them for their oven space. After all, the more, the merrier!

You don’t want to be as lonely as this guy…

Christmas Decorations

After living in your halls for a few months now, they’re not looking as squeaky clean as they did on arrival… Use Christmas as an excuse to decorate your flat with fairy lights and paper decorations to hide how disgusting you and your flatmates are. Fairy lights don’t cost a lot when you split the cost between all your flatmates and improve the look of even the dingiest student flats. Paper decorations are cheap, cheerful and will allow you to put off starting those end of module assignments just a little longer.

This definitely could have been bought at John Lewis.

Add Christmas to everything you do

Add ‘Christmas’ into every activity you would usually do as a flat from November until the end of term. Pre-drinks at yours? Make that Christmas pre-drinks at yours. Film night? How about a Christmas film night? Giving every activity a festive theme will get you in the Christmas spirit and ultimately have you hating Christmas by the time it eventually rolls around. Nothing says Christmas like boring yourself of festivities by mid-November, right?

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