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Computer vs pen and paper

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Hello everybody!!

So, it’s nearly time for the exam season and I bet we are all waiting for it to pass so that we can pack our bags and start to enjoy the summer holiday! Now it’s not the time though, and that is why I’m going to provide you with some note-taking tips for the future.

I am a fan of pen and paper, it’s easy, lightweight and works without electricity. In lectures a pen and paper are a super handy way to fill in the handout while your lecturer is giving the carefully planned teaching session. While taking notes with a pen/pencil you have to think a lot more. You’re putting more effort in focusing and thus memorising the words from your lecturer’s mouth, a proven fact! However, you also need a file to store all the pieces of paper, which has to be a pretty pencil case and the latest stationery with the brightest of colours!


So, a computer? I have never taken notes with my computer in a lecture to be quite honest, but I’ve tried an iPad, and I’m certainly not recommending that. I find it time consuming and easy to make mistakes. A computer needs a battery that lasts and lasts through all the two-hour lectures every single day. Also, it weighs a lot more than paper and pens. My bag would be 2.1kg heavier with a laptop and there’s no way I’m going to get a Mac just for note taking, even though it’d weight half of my laptop. A laptop is, however, a really quick way to type, erase typos, and format the file and notes really quickly and easily. But then again while typing, not that much effort and/or thought will be put on the lecture.

There are plenty of pros and cons in both of the methods and who am I to say which is better, I haven’t even tried the latter 😉 But I am going to say that do whatever you find best. There are people who cannot take notes by hand with a pen and that is fine! As long as you get the most from the lecture and keep on learning 😉

– Mira

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