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Cooking as a student :-P

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When we come to University, we know we will have more responsibilities. Grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning…etc. When it comes to cooking, I’m pretty sure people like me would end up making pasta…easiest option isn’t it? But, sometimes we need more!

Everyone can relate to how it feels with parents telling you what to do. Mine being miles away telling me to eat more vegetables, really did inspire me to go to The Grainger Market and pick up some ‘healthy’ stuff! So out of all the things I could get, I picked the green bundle of spinach! But, coming back to my kitchen, I realised I had no idea how to cook those stupid leaves! YouTube? Ask Mum for recipes? Tried everything, but nothing seemed appealing to me. Then I remembered I have some tortilla wraps…and some chicken, so I took those out, and cooked spinach with chicken tossed around with some of the very popular black bean chilli sauce, I actually made one of the best wraps ever! And proved that being a student cook isn’t that hard!

Hence I’m going to share this recipe that I invented (well at least I’d like to think that this is a very innovative recipe…but I am very sure, you guys have more creativity in you!)

Stuff You Need and Need to do

* Shredded Chicken/Diced – Cook it first, and I’d always suggest to marinate it a bit, with light soy sauce, at the very least to get some flavour…

* Spinach – Take the fresh looking leaves and cook in boiling water, the leaves will become soft, and look darker green..and look more appetising!

* Onions and Chillies – chop ’em up!

* Salt

* Black Bean Chilli Sauce – I got mine at the Oriental Food Store next to ‘Next’ , on the way to ‘The Gate’

* Tortilla Wraps!

In a pan toss some onions in oil ( not too much) , and turn them slightly brown.

Add chicken, chillies and toss while adding some black bean chilli sauce( about 2 spoons!)

Drain the cooked spinach leaves, add to the pan (Just the leaves)  and cook all together.

Heat the tortilla wraps and add the mix to the middle of the wrap!

Enjoy! 😀

My Spinach Chicken Wrap

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