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Countdown to Graduation

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For many final year students, like myself, it is difficult to comprehend how ludicrously quick the past few years have flown by and in a few months, the title of ‘current Newcastle University undergraduate student’ is no longer.

The Final Exams

Exam season is impending. After years of intense studying (or procrastination), the final hurdle is in sight. For many students, these exams will be the last ever educational exams you will do. Cue the early mornings and late nights of cramming in the overcrowded library whilst colour coding your revision notes and hoping to be blessed with the perfect questions in the exam paper.

The Graduation Ceremony

The graduation ceremony is your day to celebrate all the hard work you have achieved over the past few years as a Newcastle University student. Congregations are usually held at the Civic Centre, conveniently located opposite the uni. Let’s just hope your time as a student doesn’t end with you embarrassingly tripping over your graduation gown in front of everyone!

“So what are your plans after uni?…”

…The inevitable but tiresome question asked numerously by parents, relatives, tutors, friends, the hairdresser… i.e. anyone who knows you are a student. An ideal model would possibly consist of you acquiring life skills that equip you for being an adult, graduating with a 2:1 or First, completing a Masters, and then securing a well-paid job at a top firm. For some students, the model fits. For others, their career ambitions were more clear-cut from the age of 6 years old. It is undeniably pressured to have to decide what career path you want to pursue, but whatever you choose to do after graduating is up to you.

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