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The Courier is our award-winning student newspaper. Written for students by students, it’s published weekly, to be found around campus every Monday afternoon. Whether you’re poring over the crossword in between lectures, trying to keep up to date with current affairs, or laughing at the latest blind date feature (they’re either uplifting in a cute way or comedy gold), The Courier is part and parcel of being a student at Newcastle University.

As a contributor to the Culture section of the newspaper, I have the honour of churning out reviews on live music, new album releases (or old classics), or new movies; interviewing a host of artists and penning the odd opinion piece. I write for the Music, Arts, and Science sections, with the very odd foray into Lifestyle or Film. I’ve been involved in writing for The Courier for most of my time at Newcastle University, and I’ve loved every single second (even the seconds that tick by at hyper-speed towards a looming deadline as I stare blankly at my screen and bemoan my very existence).

I love writing for The Courier – it’s a great extra-curricular activity outside of societies, and a brilliant way to meet new people with a passion (or a passing interest) in journalism. It’s fun, and interesting, and you’re sure to walk away with a host of wacky and wonderful experiences. I’ve gotten to see some crazy live shows for free, interview some of my favourite bands and really broaden my horizons.

But don’t take my word for it – I’ve asked a few of my fellow writers (and by that I mean I bugged them incessantly) for a few words on their experiences.


Emily Watton, 2nd Year English Language, Lifestyle, News and Comment Contributor

 “It gave me an opportunity for creativity I just wasn’t getting from my degree. I also got a voice that felt valued, there’s no room for snobbery in The Courier.”

Sakura Brandi,  2nd Year Biomedical Sciences, Gaming and Lifestyle Contributor

Sakura Brandi,
2nd Year Biomedical Sciences, Gaming and Lifestyle Contributor

“Writing for The Courier has been both rewarding and slightly stressful. Seeing my name in print and having people discuss my articles made me self conscious in a productive way. I took the opportunities to write about things I’d never discussed before.  The writing is a welcome change from academic texts. Hopefully, I’m going to write a weekly column from next semester which will challenge me (and my sense of humour). The Courier is not just an ordinary uni newspaper; it’ definitely a companion to student life here in Newcastle.”

Jamie Shepherd, Media, Communication and Culture, Courier Music Editor

Jamie Shepherd, Music Editor

 “I’ve always known music journalism was my calling since I was a wee nipper reading every journalistic account of The Clash’s history that my dad owned. So, naturally, the role of music editor was a no-brainer to go for. In this role, I’ve been able to share and promote the music that I really love (both local and beyond) and I love setting off debate pieces, as let’s face it, who doesn’t like a good scrap?”

So there you have it; another facet to life at Newcastle University. Make sure to pick up a copy of The Courier if you’re around campus, sometime, and it’ll give you a pretty good taste of life as a student at Newcastle.

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