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Are all Entry Requirements the same?

You may think that at a Russell Group university such as Newcastle, entry requirements would be the same across the board. But is that the case? And if not, what sort of range is there between courses?


The truth of the matter is, entry requirements come in a number of forms, and it’s not just the grades you need to get at A-level!

Take Dentistry as an example, aside from the required AAA achievement including Chemistry and Biology, it’s also necessary for applicants to have undertaken atleast 2 weeks’ dental work experience AND have achieved a UKCAT score above the cut-off.  A final decision is also subject to interview as well!

In contrast, some subjects do just require a set minimum grade boundary. For example, if you’re interested in studying Physics, be expected to need AAB including Maths and Physics.

And on a more creative level, courses such as Fine Art place much more emphasis on the quality of your previous work, than your results to date. The course prefers candidates to have grades from AAB-BBB including Art, but it’s worth noting that a key feature of their selection process is the inspection of your portfolio and interview. Lower offers may then be given to candidates displaying an exceptional portfolio.


So the entry requirements for a degree are very much dependent on that course itself. Take a look at our undergraduate degrees to explore the entry requirements of courses you’re interested in.

It’s also worth noting that lower offers may be given for those who qualify for the PARTNERS programme, and if come results day you haven’t quite achieved the grades you needed, clearing provides the opportunity to get onto a course with places still available.

If you’ve got any questions or would like to find out more about studying at Newcastle Uni, just use the enquiry form below.

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