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A Day in The Life of Combined Honours

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When I first sat down to write this post, I was faced with two main challenges. The first of these challenges is that no day is ever really the same for me, so how do you summarise all of the exciting, spontaneous and equally sometimes mundane things which happen on a day to day basis for a university student?

The second challenge is that I am part of Combined Honours, so everyone in combined honours studies different subject so it is highly unlikely that two people’s timetables will be the same.  Just as a heads up, I study English and French. Anyway, with these challenges in mind I am going to do my best to try and capture the essence of a day in the life for a Newcastle University student…


Firstly, I wake up. This part of the day for bed lovers like myself is probably the most difficult aspect of the day. The process of waking up has become particularly difficult since the beginning of University, as unlike school the time I wake up changes every day.

At the moment if you are reading this as an A level student, you probably won’t understand this struggle and laugh as I complain about my 9ams, compared to probably many of your earlier starts. But, little do you know, I am sure in a year’s time you will be complaining in the same way I am.

Once I wake up, I normally make myself breakfast then rush to a lecture or a seminar. I normally have at least one lecture or one seminar before lunch. For Lunch, I normally treat myself to some food from a Café on campus or food from the Student Union.


As an English and French student, I don’t have a lot of contact hours so normally, I will only have a couple of lectures or seminars in the afternoon.

Unfortunately, I can’t always spend this time watching copious amounts of films or Youtube videos.  Instead, I normally spend time reading and doing work for essays in the Language Resources Centre or Robinson Library.


The evening is one of my favourite parts of the University day. It is a time to really appreciate the independence of University life and living with flatmates.

We normally all catch up as we all attempt to manoeuvre around each other in Windsor Terrace’s kitchen, which never seems to be quite big enough for us all.

After dinner, I normally relax either by going to one of my societies which includes the Combined Honours society or by writing for The Courier, or for Student blogs. There are so many different opportunities offered in University life and the evening is where I fully partake in these opportunities.

If I am not at a society, I am normally in front of the TV having a film night with my flatmates.  The wonderful thing about living in accommodation in University is constantly being surrounded by friends and being able to have those moments together.

Normally, after staying up later than we should have done, I collapse in my bed ready for the next day.

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