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Day In The Life Of A Marine Tech Student

Coming to study Marine Technology at Newcastle University? We asked first year student Verity what her average day is like to give you an idea of what you’ll get up to when you join us.

First year you can get more sleep. Gone are the days of waking up at 6:30am for school. Instead, you live on Campus in halls of residence and it takes 10 minutes to get to your lectures.

You’re not quite so lucky as some of your friends who have less than 7 hours of lectures and seminars a week and have days they don’t have to go to university. But your 9am starts seem more of a blessing as you don’t have to wake up until 8am and that, of course, is if you decide to shower and cook breakfast; rather than just roll out of bed at 8:40am.

First year covers the topics of Marine Mechanics, Engineering Mathematics, Marine Engineering, and Naval Architecture during Semester 1. I have Materials in the Marine Environment, Applications of Engineering, Marine Statistics, and Electrical Engineering to look forward to for Semester 2.

In Marine Mechanics you’ll be learning about Statics and Dynamics, and in Engineering Maths you’ll be leaning about matrices, imaginary numbers, Euler’s identity, and vectors.

In Marine Engineering you’ll learn all about the engine cycle of two stroke and four stroke engines, as well as, thermodynamics and heat transfers of systems.

In Naval Architecture you’ll learn all about coefficients and transverse or longitudinal places and axis of translation or rotation.

You will have studied maths and physics during your A Levels (or other exams if you’re an international student) and it is important to already be comfortable with things like integration and differentiation.

Your timetable isn’t 9am-5pm solidly as there are breaks in between and these are spent either going back to your accommodation that is so close for food or in the common room playing pool or going to the library or in Students’ Union relaxing between lectures.

You’ll have a few tutorials per subject during the week and these are spent doing maths problems that go over what you have studied in lectures. If you  need further help you can also go to your lecture’s offices during their scheduled drop-in sessions.

University finishes around 5pm every day apart from Wednesday which finishes at midday. After university you’ll go home and do your daily chores and go over classes to consolidate your learning.

In the evenings, if you’re part of WetSoc, the society for Marine Technology students, you will be found in the pub or having a game of bowling at Lane 7 and joking about your course and funny videos like ‘the ship that sunk’ with 4th year students.

At night time you will dream about your trip to Amsterdam to visit Meyer Weft (a shipyard) in March and your method of counting sheep will be replaced by 1, 4, 1 i.e. Simpson’s First rule before it all repeats again at 9am.

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