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A day in the life of a Media student

Have you ever dreamed of a degree so diverse and captivating that you find yourself waking up for 9am lectures with pleasure?

Imagine that one day you are video shooting with an international DJ and the next one you are designing your advertising campaign for Dior. That is a typical week in the life of a Media student at Newcastle University.

Rise and shine

As a Media student, usually my day starts around 11am with a cup of coffee grande style. (YAY FOR  AFTERNOON CLASSES! That’s another plus of being a Media student at Newcastle University, early classes are a very rare occurrence.)

Then I am off to a 2 hour lecture covering all sorts of topics. Ranging from reading codes and signs in advertising, to designing the perfect blog. They even go as far as learning how to shoot a professional video with a 4K camera:

Among perfecting the most unique film shot and designing the ideal advertising campaign for Dior, my day becomes even more thrilling as I am all of a sudden provided with the chance to attend the TV sets of some of the best media channels, such as the local BBC Newcastle.

After being introduced to the secrets of the entertainment world and meeting some of the biggest professionals in the field, I come back home with a phone full of new contacts and a heart full of hope. My day has been productive and now I am free to enjoy my leisure time.

Oh wait. I am assigned to watch the new Fast and Furious film and analyse the portrayal of women and gender in it. If only every assignment could be as cool.

Well, it could be. If you are a Media student, that is –  I remind myself, while giving my day a brilliant wrap up with a good old book by Freud and his theory on the unconscious.



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