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A Day in the Life of a Media Student

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Student lifestyles are pretty similar – we can relate to each other’s problems and each other’s time tables. Studying Media and PR isn’t like studying Medicine or Engineering. I wouldn’t say that we have less ‘work’ to do, like my peers from other courses often point out.

Here is a peek into a day in my life as a postgraduate media student at Newcastle…


Wake up if there is a class to attend at 9am, or if I suddenly remember there is an assignment due in the next few hours. Personally this is not a very easy job…sleep is a very powerful thing. But a cup of coffee in the morning does help you start your day…


Reach class, take out a laptop or a notebook (if you’re old school like me), and listen to the lecture (and maybe plug in my phone because I forgot to charge it… )


You start getting hungry… so you either rush to the next class, or rush back to find food. Yes…most of us living near campus come back and cook… *sigh* Luckily for me most of the time it is better than just edible!


After an early lunch, by 2pm in the afternoon we feel like we need to start working on that assignment that is due next. So we get out the notes and library books, switch on the computers, open up all the pages we can find online to help us write that essay…but also keep Facebook and Twitter tabs open just in case… we are media students after all!


By 5pm we’re hungry again (we Indians call it ‘snack time’), so I for one, start wandering about to find something to munch on.


I realise I have been watching either the latest episode of my favourite TV show or browsing through YouTube so I decide to go back and look at my ‘academic work’ again.

7pm -8pm

This is the golden hour of my day as a Postgraduate student, cause I always remember the ‘important’ thing I have to finish. Sometimes it’s my project, sometimes my blog, most of the times it’s assignments, and sometimes work from my internship; it is a very crucial hour.


Dinner… This depends on a variety of factors. It changes person to person and may be the one thing that can’t be generalised. Those of us with part time jobs know that our dinner times depends on the shifts we work. Those of us going out with friends know, well…. it’s time for fun! Those of us (media students) working on an editing software with eyes glued to the computer, well… we wait for our video file to be exported in the right format before we think of something else. Those of us at the library…they have been studying so much they hardly remember what time it is! And hence depending on the different things we have planned for ourselves… our day comes to an end.

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