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Study Abroad in Japan

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When I decided to go to Japan as as an exchange student I knew I would be travelling and exploring whenever I could, but I had no idea what to expect from day-to-day life at a Japanese university. Of course every country and university is different, but in this blog I’ll introduce my average day as an exchange student and hopefully give you some idea of what to expect if you choose to study abroad.

May - Fukuoka map

Fukuoka, my home in Japan


My first class, Japanese Writing, starts at 8.40am – so I have to get up early! I live in university accommodation, which is 5 minutes from campus. I still usually have to hurry to class to avoid being late – if we’re late more than three times we fail the course.

Second period is Sociology of Japan which starts at 10.30am. After this class we have to interview local Japanese students to find out their opinions on issues in Japanese society at one of the university’s cafés.  Unlike in Newcastle everyone has an hour break for lunch, so there are always people around at lunchtime. I don’t have class again until later, so I go home and work on a presentation for Japanese speaking class.


My classes are finished for the day by mid-afternoon, so my friends and I decide to go for dinner in town. Campus is in the countryside and the weather in Japan is generally much nicer than Newcastle so almost everyone travels by bike. We cycle for around 20 minutes to the local sushi place and I have nine plates of sushi for around £6!


Cycling for sushi in the Japanese countryside


Although the work is much simpler than at Newcastle, we have a lot of homework most week days, so after sushi I head home. I do homework – usually Japanese language – until 11 or 12 then watch TV or read. I try to do all my work during the week so I can use weekends for travelling!


Work during the week = more time for travelling!

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