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A Day in the Life of a Third Year Marine Zoology Student

A Picture of Hannah

06:55 – Alarm goes off and press snooze for what seems like a million times until I realise I actually need to get up.

07:30 – Get breakfast, and make lunch and make sure I have everything I need for the day.

08:20ish – Jump on the Metro and head out to Cullercoats to get to the Dove Marine Laboratory.

08:45 – Get to the lab, say a quick hello to the staff before quickly getting my first experiment of the day set up. My experiments last three hours so I have to do a quick rush around so I can get two replicates done in a day.

09:15 – Experiment is running, now time for a quick rest before checking in on my sea urchins.

10:00 – Start writing response experiments. This is where I look at how long it takes the animals to turn themselves back over in response to different temperature and salinity combinations.

12:10 – My first experiment is finished, time to set up the next three hour experiment and upload my data from the first experiment onto the computer.

12:30 – It’s low tide! This morning I saw that I needed to change the seaweed in my sea urchin tank, so I head out onto the shore in search of some Fucus serratus seaweed.

13:00 – A quick lunch then I’m back to my experiments and starting to make my revision notes while I wait around.

15:30 – My experiment is finished. I move all the equipment back to the lab and upload this set of data before setting up as best as I can for working here again tomorrow.

16:00 – Home time!

19:00 – Time to settle back down for some more work before a bit of TV before bed.

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