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A day in the life of a Zoology Student!

A Picture of Hannah

Of all the places I could have picked, I truly think that Newcastle University was the best choice when I was deciding where to study. If you are interested in pursuing a Biology degree, that is either: Biology, Cell and Molecular Biology, Ecology and Conservation or Zoology; then Newcastle really is a great decision!

So here is a typical day in the life of a 2nd year Zoology student…

Most days I like to get up pretty early, even if I don’t have a 9am lecture. Having a good sleep schedule helps to keep me on track and productive!

8am: I usually grab a bowl of porridge and a freshly made cup of coffee and then I bike into Uni. If you’re living out for second year I would highly recommend bringing a bike. From Jesmond it takes me around 8 minutes to bike into Uni so definitely a time saver – and it keeps you fit! 

Zoology is a pretty intensive course, you definitely get your money’s worth. In a typical day I tend to have 2-3 lectures and in a typical week I tend to have 1-2 lab sessions. 


9am: My first lecture of the day! My modules this year range from Animal Physiology to Molecular Biology and Development so it’s a pretty broad scope of topics.

10am: I usually have a break in the middle of the day between lectures so I use this time to go to one of the University libraries. My personal favourite is the Marjorie Robinson library which is the University’s new library for this year. It is very modern and I never struggle to find a computer as they also provide laptops for students to use!


12pm: After some hard work it is time to grab lunch. My favourite place for lunch is the Dental School Eat@Bites café (Haha, Get it?). They provide a range of hot and cold food and drink including sandwiches, paninis and coffee for when you need that extra boost to the day!

2pm: Sometimes in the afternoon, I then have a lab session. So I grab my lab coat and get ready to do some experimenting! This year we’ve had the opportunity to do some pretty cool things in our lab sessions. We have dissected locusts, looked at the composition of animal muscle and my personal favourite: observing the behaviour of Betta fish! We even got to take our fish home – meet squishy my brand new pet and companion!15281912_10207764293481556_664374099_n

5pm: It’s finally time to go home, it’s been a long day- phew! I usually relax when I get home, watch some TV with my housemates and cook myself some dinner. The evening is the perfect time to check out some of the exciting things happening in Newcastle. Maybe go see a movie or the Christmas lights in the city centre. Or even something a little off the beaten track – Check out Newcastle’s Best Kept Secrets.

11pm: I try to go to bed at a reasonable time so I get enough sleep to be ready for the next day!

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