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Day in the Life of an English Lit Student

Here’s a sneaky peek into a day in the life of an English Lit student at Newcastle.

Not so early starts

English degrees usually have very few contact hours so you usually need a bit of motivation to get out of bed. I usually start my day by reading with a coffee in bed for about half an hour or so. This helps to get yourself in the right mind-set for all the reading you’ll most likely do today.

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Lectures and seminars

It’s rare that you’ll have more than a couple of hours of contact time per day. You might even get days off. The hours you do have will usually be split into lectures and seminars.

The reading

I won’t lie, you’ll have lots of it. I usually head to a coffee shop or somewhere quiet around campus. For the hefty texts, I usually read in the library. That way you’re less distracted. Trying to read something that’s difficult can easily lead to distractions.

Where you’ll be


Usually, lectures for English are in lots of different spots around campus. The main spot is the Percy building. This is where all the lecturers live. There’s a café and computers, so I’ll usually be in the building for an hour or two a day.

Study groups

Once a week, students have to meet up to discuss the text and answer some questions. It usually only takes an hour. Think of it like a book club.


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They usually put the pressure on you around the end of term, so the day will be filled with typing rather than flicking through book. There’s a good sense of community around this time in English though – everyone’s in the same boat so you keep each other motivated. There’s lots of coffee on days like these.

I hope this gives you a good insight into the life of an English student at Newcastle University. Although there may be lots of reading there is also so much to get involved with that you”ll be wondering what to do first! For example the annual Newcastle Poetry Festival is taking place soon and there is also the English Society which runs a variety of social events from movie nights to fancy dress nights. Perfect for all you bookworms out there!


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