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What if you don’t hear back straight away ?

Once you’ve submitted your UCAS application, it can seem like the hours, days and weeks drag before you get to hear anything back. As each day passes you manage to convince yourself it’s been chucked out by the admissions gods and you’re back to square one. But if you haven’t heard back in a month, have you really been rejected?

What you need to remember is that the time it takes for universities to get back to you will vary from place to place, and there’ll even be variations between courses at the same institution.

Unis have to process thousands of applications from across the world, and even in this digital age, that still takes time. If you’ve submitted a bit later than your friends, there’s no need to worry – all applicants submitted before the stated UCAS deadline are considered equally!

The only golden rule? The earlier you apply, the sooner you can focus on completing your exams and achieving the best grades for the offer that will no doubt come through any day soon!

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