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Education Personal Statement Tips

Are you looking to apply to Newcastle University for their Education degree?

One of the first steps to applying to the degree is to write your personal statement on your UCAS form. And this can seem a bit daunting when you first come to tackle it.

To help you with your application we spoke to Heather Smith, the Degree Programme Director who reads all the applications, to find out what she looks for when assessing a personal statement and her suggestions on how to write the perfect personal statement.

Know what the course is about

Before you start your statement, make sure you fully understand what the degree is about, and the course content you’ll be studying. You can find all this information, including the modules you can take, on the main degree page.

Demonstrate your enthusiasm

We love to read personal statements that demonstrate enthusiasm for studying education.

Include a section on your academic potential

Your application needs to show us that you have academic potential to succeed on the course. Talk about past achievements relative to the course and your personal attributes that will make you a good addition to our student body.

Show why you want to study Education

At least 2/3 of your personal statement should focus on why you want to study on the degree, your relevant experience and what you want to do after you graduate.

Triple check for errors

One thing that can really let an application down is poor spelling, punctuation and grammar. Make sure you triple check your statement before sending it off so you avoid any errors.

And those are Heather’s five tips for writing the perfect personal statement for Education at Newcastle University.

If you have any questions about the degree or coming to study here at Newcastle University, just ask using the big pink button below.

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