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Embracing the holidays

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That time of the year is here again; where caffeine becomes a necessity in our diets, sleep is sold separately and Robbo becomes a second home. Assignments are piling up and you’re trying to stay afloat while maintaining your sanity – don’t worry you’re not alone.

While these might seem like trying times, the end is close and everyone’s favourite holiday is just around the corner as well. Though for some, the existence of exams once they return in January might be haunting them through the festivities. But, that doesn’t mean fun has to be pushed to the side.

Here are some ways to embrace the goodness without feeling all bad:

Enjoy every bit of home

After all, you’re finally home with your loved ones after months of separation. Back to having meals made with love and not needing to worry about having laundry to do, does it get better than that? Thankfully, being in the comfort of your home will also allow you to relax and work on your own pace.

Take it slow

While celebrating the festivities might be the only thing on your mind together with well, uni of course, take a breather and re-evaluate how your year has gone so far. If there’s anything you wished you could have done but didn’t get round to doing it – it’s never too late! Also, making personal goals can be a great way to grow and make things happen.

Giving back

‘Tis the season of giving, and why not stick to the theme and earn some good karma points while at it. Besides getting your regular Christmas gifts, make someone else’s day by giving back to the community, by donating to charity organisations or shelters.

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