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Why English Literature is the best degree

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As someone who has tried and tested a scientific degree through 3 months of hell on a Psychology BSC, I can wholeheartedly tell you that English Literature is the best degree you can choose, and I have my reasons why:

Books. There are lots of books.

First and foremost, your degree is revolved around reading great works of fiction. What the majority of people do to unwind and forget about the stress of university you get to do for your degree! Reading books takes up about 90% of the workload you get from the course, so while your housemates might be stressing over their weekly workload of lecture recaps and lab reports, feel good about the fact you can get into bed, do a spot of light reading and call it ‘working’.

Reading in bed is a pretty good way of working

Reading in bed is a pretty good way of working

Exams, what exams?

While your science pals will be slaving away trying to cram in revision for their 7 exams in 7 days, English Literature students will usually have a maximum of 1 exam- and even then, it’s likely to be a ‘take home exam’. Being a coursework heavy degree means you spend a lot of time writing essays through the year, that’s a given, but allows you to kick back and relax during exam season… Don’t mind if I do.

The ‘Cultured Card’

Doing an English Literature degree gives you a free license to become the most unashamedly pretentious person you know. You can walk around campus with your oversized (prescription free) glasses, vintage jumper and Starbucks coffee cup and know that you’re simply wearing the School of English uniform with pride. It also allows you to pretend you’re cultured, when in actual fact, you’re just spitting out what your lecturer told you to think about gender norms in the Renaissance period. Tricking people into thinking you’re cultured and artsy will become second nature, I promise.

Actual photo taken from my Twitter account. I’m not even sorry.

Lack of career direction

Now, bear with me, this may seem like a negative aspect of the degree, but it’s not. While your medic friends know exactly what they’re going to be doing and how much they’re getting paid when they leave university, the world really is your oyster. You could be doing anything, from working in an office to working for a leading publishing company in London- you have tons of options and that is exciting! You cannot say what you’ll be doing in 5 years but you can sure as hell say you had a good time doing what you love- and if that isn’t a way of making lack of employability sound appealing, then I don’t know what is…

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